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Zarzamora Menu

Zarzamora Main Menu

Breakfast Plates

All Plates Served with Beans, Fried Potatoes and Two Tortillas
(except Pancake Plate)

Huevos Rancheros$4.09

Egg Plate$3.99

2 eggs

Pancake Plate$5.49

2 eggs, 2 pancakes, & 2 bacon slices

Huevos a la Mexicana$4.99


Wieners & Egg Plate$4.39

Cheese Omelet$4.29


Huevo con Chorizo$5.29

Country & Egg$5.29

Chorizo a la Mexicana$5.39

Steak & Eggs$7.59

Pork Chop & Eggs$7.59

Ham & Eggs$5.49


Large $3.59 | Small $2.09

Breakfast Tacos

All Tacos served on Homemade Flour or Corn Tortillas

Papa con Huevo$1.29

Panchito's Deluxe$1.89

Papa Ranchera$1.29

Bean & Cheese$1.25

Chorizo & Bean$1.49

Wieners & Egg$1.49

Chorizo & Egg$1.59

Bacon & Egg$1.69

Country & Egg$1.69

Panchito's Special$1.69

Machacado Taco$2.19

Chilaquiles Taco$1.99

Ham & Egg$1.99

Migas Taco$1.69

Eggs a la Mexicana$1.79

Chorizo a la Mexicana$1.79

Tacos All Day

All Tacos served on Homemade Flour or Corn Tortillas

Bean & Cheese$1.25


Country Sausage$1.79


Rice & Bean$1.29


Carne Colorada$2.19

Monday Only

Carne Guisada$2.29

Guacamole Taco$1.99

Crispy Taco$1.89

Beef or Chicken

Beef Fajita Taco$2.49

Chicken Fajita Taco$2.39

Carne Asada$2.45



Pork Chop$2.45

Lunch Plates

Plate Lunches served with Refried Beans, Rice, and two Homemade Flour or Corn Tortillas

Enchiladas de Queso (3)$5.49

Pork Chop$7.49

Enchiladas de Picadillo (3)$5.99


Beef or Chicken

Enchiladas de Pollo (3)$5.89

Carne Colorada$6.49

Monday Only

Enchiladas de Chile con Carne (3)$5.89

Taco Salad$6.69

Beef or Chicken

Mexican Plate$6.49

Puffy Tacos (2)$6.49

Panchito's Deluxe$7.29

Carne Guisada$6.79


Gorditas (2)$6.79

Beef or Chicken

Crispy Taco (2)$5.79

Beef or Chicken

Carne Asada$7.59

Soft Taco (3)$5.99

Beef or Chicken

Steak Ranchero$7.59

Flautas (3)$6.39

Beef or Chicken

To Go Caldo$6.59

Large Only

Beef Carnitas$7.59

Hot and Spicy

Menudo/Tortillas Soup$5.99

Chicken Fiesta$7.49

Bowl of Chili$4.99

Beef Fajita$7.59

Bean and Cheese Nachos$4.99

Chicken Fajita$7.49

Kids Menu

One Crispy Taco, Rice and Beans$5.25

One Cheese Enchilada, Rice and Beans$5.25

Grilled Cheese and Fries$5.25

Quesadilla and Fries$5.25




Soft Drinks$1.54

Coke | Sprite | Dr. Pepper | Big Red | Orange | Root Beer | Diet Coke


Chocolate Milk$1.45

Tropicana Orange Juice$1.54

Apple Juice$1.49


Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.