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Having a party or special event at your home, or perhaps office? Don’t know how you are going to feed everybody? Why stress? Let us take care of your needs by offering you our off-premise catering services. Take a look at our catering menu to see which package best meets your needs. 

Catering services available only at McCullough location.

How do I get started?

You can complete the Inquiry Form (on the right-hand side) or contact Panchitos (McCullough) by phone at 210 821-5338.

What do I have to do for a full-service catering?

48 hours prior to your event, you must sign a contract, pay a deposit (half of the projected bill), and provide a final headcount.

Do you provide utensils, plates and cutlery?

Only upon request.

Do you offer buffet set-up?

Yes. Please talk to our representative for more information.

Catering Contact

Requested Information

February 2020
Special consideration

Catering Menu

Panchito’s Favorito

Enchiladas y Todo

Mucho Mas

All of our menus can be complimented with one or several of the following and will be served family style.

Bulk Menu

Available for delivery or pick up. If you would like fajitas for a full-service catering, please see the Panchito’s Fajita Buffet menu.

Fajita Racks